Production resources

The product of the company’s continuous investment in the latest technologies is a diverse pool of efficient and versatile machines. The impressive productivity offered by these machines ensures effective control of production costs and the ability to meet lead time commitments.

Sliding head NC lathes

The latest generation multi-axis numerical control lathes produce complex, high-added-value parts during a single machining operation on all types of materials, from a maximum bar diameter of up to 77 mm.

Fixed head NC lathes

These lathes can turn technically-complex parts, 3 to 26 mm in diameter with a high level of precision. All these machines are fitted with automatic bar loaders. “High rates of productivity”.

Traditional single-spindle lathes

Traditional single-spindle lathes, fitted with automatic loaders, very often feature supplementary tooling to achieve high rates of productivity since they can perform different machining tasks at the same time. Primarily intended for medium to large production runs, they are well suited to machining tasks on non-complex parts up to 20 mm in diameter and up to 400 mm long.

Subcontracted operations

Additional operations, such as heat treatments and surface coatings, can be outsourced to local specialists. Certificates of conformity can be provided on request.

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